ANN KING offers listeners a truly unique blend of poetic and alternative Pop. Currently residing in the Netherlands, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter blends cinematic influences with compelling creative narratives to produce music that showcases personal growth and an unapologetic appreciation for being true to who you are.

Having first appeared on the music scene in 2015 as ANEMARY, her personal evolution to ANN KING in 2018 welcomes a new attitude and a new name to match it. Taking influence from the likes of Adele, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Clarkson, her true passion for raw honesty and authenticity shines bright.

Following two compelling EP releases and her successful single ‘It comes and goes,’ which has amassed over half a million streams since its debut, ANN KING’s ascent to becoming an established artist appears inevitable. Her latest release, ‘Ruin me,’ comes on the heels of her previous success, with her latest single ‘Why can’t I fall in love’ receiving a nomination at the Hollywood Independent Music Awards.

In ‘Ruin me,’ ANN KING sheds light on the music industry’s darker side, revealing a seemingly perfect world that seemingly falls apart more, and more as you get closer. With captivating melodies, poetic lyrics, and cinematic elements, she guides us through the track’s intricate narrative, much like a ‘Brontë Sisters’ novel. Diving into the hidden aspects of burnout culture behind the scenes, a theme that resonates not only within the music industry but also within the facade of high lights presented on social media today.

Guided by crimson skies and the enchanting city lights of Los Angeles, ANN KING shines as a luminous presence in ‘Ruin me,’ which is written and produced by the artist herself. With each enchanting note, she sheds layers of her artistry, showcasing her diverse musical capability while baring a genuine sense of vulnerability—an artistic quality only possessed by truly authentic songwriters at their core.

Sharing the beauty of living with fans around the world, ANN KING has toured extensively with her band across The Netherlands, England, and Austria. Next to garnering the support of major radio stations like 3FM and Radio 2 in The Netherlands, her music has also been placed in major editorial Spotify playlists like ’t Koffiehuis and Stay Tuned!, she has also played major music festivals like Live I Life Festival, Bevrijdingsfestival, and Fringe Festival. As she compels fans with cinematic narratives and a truly unique sound, ANN KING is proving to be one to watch in the coming months while she works on her 3rd EP which is set to be released in early 2024.